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Venue: Faculty of Extension, Enterprise Square, 10230 Jasper Avenue (101 Ave)

3:00-4:15pm Simultaneous Sessions

Panel 1: De/Colonizing Territories: Representations of Land, Environment, and Urbanity, rm #2-167

Panel 2: Un/Mapping: Colonialism, Racism and Critical Queer Knowledge Production, rm #2-173

Panel 3: Decolonization and Indigenous Futurities, rm #2-970

Panel 4: Speaking (Visualizing) Truth to Power: Anti-racism, Anti-Appropriation and Anticolonialism, rm #2-948

Panel 5: Witnessing: Evaluations, Data, Tweets and Triggers, rm #2-917

Panel 6: Challenging Conversations: Identity, Religion, and Nationhood, rm #2-925

Panel 7: Gender, Race, Diversity & Decoloniality, rm #2-976

4:30-5:45pm Simultaneous Sessions

Panel 1: The Biskaabliyang Collective: Resurgence and Anti-Settler Colonial Praxis In Thunder Bay, Ontario, rm #2-167

Panel 2: The Complexities and Continuities of Colonialism in Quebec, rm #2-917

Panel 3: Unsettling the Settler Dialogue: Conceptual, Methodological and Ethical Considerations, rm #2-173

Panel 4: Problem (UN)solved: Anti-essentialism, Intersectionality and the Equality Dialogue, rm #2-925

Panel 5: Mapping the Student Experience: Narratives, Voice, Space and Self-Definition, rm #2-970

Panel 6: Modus OperIndi: Decolonization of Knowledge, Pedagogies and Institutions, rm #2-976

Panel 7: Class and Anti-Racism Activism in Austere Times, rm 2-938